NT: Sandeep Ghaey, wine shop owner

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Sandeep Ghaey

Wine shop owner

Interview November 21, 2010

Sandeep Ghaey, owner of Vinic Wine Company in Evanston.

Sandeep Ghaey at Vinic Wine Company (photo by Xaq Mayfield)

After six years learning the wine industry in both bottle history and sales/distribution, Sandeep opened his own wine shop in downtown Evanston, the site of our conversation. “We opened a year ago. October 23rd. The last six months at my distribution job, I was like, “I think I want to do this.” I was running back and forth – I had south suburbs to mid-state, a pretty big territory. No one ever came out with me. I had free rein. So I got to do my run in three days, and then run up here and do the paper work, start scouting locations. I would sort of go from there. It was like running two full-time jobs, and driving a ton. In September, I left my other job, then took about a month and a half to get this place open.Continue reading

ETHS: Matthew Cassel, photo journalist

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Matthew Cassel

Photo journalist and foreign correspondent

Interview November 17, 2010

Matthew Cassel, photo journalist and foreign correspondent.

Cassel in Beirut, 2010. (All photos courtesy of Matthew Cassel.)

While Cassel’s main passion is as a photographer, his reporting from the Middle East has led to working as a contributor to The Guardian and The Electronic Intifada.

I went to the West Bank, to Palestine, for the first time in 2003. I went with a delegation to see what was going on in 2003, and that lasted a few weeks. I came back to the States, continued my studies at Columbia College, and then a year later I went and lived in the West Bank for a year from 2004 to 2005, and then again in 2006. I moved to Lebanon after I lived in Palestine for a year and a half.Continue reading

NT: Kevin Pearce, orchestra conductor and teacher

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Kevin Pearce

Orchestra conductor and high school teacher

Interview November 5, 2010

Kevin conducting the orchestra at the University of Iowa. (All photos courtesy of Kevin Pearce.)

Kevin Pearce, orchestra conductor and high school teacher, currently in Katy, TX.

I like orchestral music a lot more than band music. The orchestra has existed for something like 350 years in its modern form, whereas the band’s only been around for 100 years or so. Focusing on bands would narrow the amount of quality repertoire that I’d be able to work with. I would be cutting myself off from a lot of really good music that I couldn’t conduct and couldn’t study in depth, and couldn’t play. I wanted to be an advocate for this. Continue reading

NT: Katie Rogulski, home designer

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Katie Rogulski

Home designer

Interview November 3, 2010

All photos courtesy of Katie Rogulski, and krinteriordesigns.com

Katie Rogulski, home designer and business woman.

After learning the design ropes from her mother and working in Chicago for a design-build firm, Katie founded Katie Rogulski Interior Designs. Among the hard lessons learned on her journey was simply being a woman in a male-dominated field. “Having to be in the field and watch the trades guys, especially as a young woman, it’s really hard. They do not, most of the time, respect you at all. You have to chase them and be on them, and they don’t want to listen to you. Especially when I was starting, I was 26, and I’m this cute little girl, and they were like, ‘Oh, aren’t you adorable. You don’t know shit about construction.’” Continue reading

ETHS: Josh Engel, birder

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Josh Engel

Birding guide and researcher

Interview November 7, 2010

Josh with a Wahlberg's Eagle in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, in Malawi. (photo by Holly L. Lutz)

Josh Engel, birder.

After a childhood fascinated with birds, Engel turned his love of birds, bird watching, and travel into an international career of guiding bird tours and doing research. He speaks with a youthful excitement about all things birds. His first worldly bird experience came during a college semester abroad in Ecuador: “Wake up early in the morning, spend all morning walking around the forest taking notes on what I see and hear, trying to go to different places each day, come back for lunch, have a siesta in the afternoon because it’s hot as hell, and then come back in the evening and do the same thing.”

After three years based out of Capetown and leading tours in Africa, Engel returned to Chicago in January, and is now doing research at the Field Museum… Continue reading

ETHS: Sven Stafford, world traveler and administrator

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Sven Stafford

World traveler and administrator at American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan

Interview November 8, 2010

All photos courtesy of Sven Stafford.

Sven Stafford, world traveler and administrator.

“I’ve every intention of staying in administration, and hopefully being a part of smaller communities that I’ve come to enjoy in Kazakhstan and here at University. It’s a university with 1200 students and 300 staff and faculty, so it’s a small place. I’d like to come back to the U.S. and work in city government like my dad did. And eventually be a city manager. That’s maybe my ultimate goal right now. That could change if I really end up liking university administration. I might try to stay here and do this for a while. You have to get a PhD to go back to the U.S. and do that at the level I probably want to do it that. So somewhere in administration, either at a university or in the city.” Continue reading

ETHS: Manuela Zoninsein, world journalist

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Manuela Zoninsein

World journalist covering environment, clean technology, and agriculture

Interview November 8, 2010

All photos courtesy of Manuela Zoninsein.

Manuela Zoninsein, world journalist.

Manuela is speaking to me from her dorm room at Oxford, where she is getting a Masters in modern Chinese science. “I studied social studies in university, which is not what you took in fourth grade. It’s social theory and philosophy and history of economics. I focus on Latin America. And then I decided to go to China. I got to China, and I did Mandarin, and I’m studying Mandarin, and I’m good at Mandarin. But I had never studied China academically. I had never studied the history, or issues and concepts. So I needed some of that.

“This program is a research methodologies course. So we study China applying social sciences – economics, history, sociology, anthropology – to studying China. I’m gonna come out of here with a whole toolkit of research methods. Quantitative and qualitative. All sorts. I can do statistical analysis, and I can do grounded fieldwork. And I’m gonna come out with a 10,000 word dissertation. It means that I’m gonna be a better trained journalist with better skills. And it means I’m gonna have a long form investigative piece that I can pitch around. I came in here doing 2500 word articles, and I want to move it to long-form journalism. My dissertation will be proof that I can do it.” Continue reading


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